My makeup bag

My makeup bag

Urban Decay eyeshadow brush
£38 –

Contour brush
£13 –

Facial brush
£6.28 –

Maybelline makeup

Topshop eylure

Rimmel face powder
£2.99 –

NYX makeup

real Techniques Starter Set
£23 –

Photo Diary (Make-up, clothes, food, moving and life)

  Make-up of the day (ages ago).

Avon super shock gel eyeliner pencil; Forever foundation by Dior, shade 010; mascara by Max Factor, black false lash effect; Maybelline colour drama lip pencil in 520

 Presents for my 21st birthday! Pots and cutlery for moving, lots of money and Prosecco etc
Family birthday meal💕

Edinburgh looking pretty
  New Look skirt and shoes; Eyelure eyelash dye kit; Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Creme
  I moved to Glasgow!

 When Megan and I went for a night out in Dundee to see friends

  Kushion in Glasgow for Freshers

 With Rebecca at Graduation
  My brother, Liam, and I at my Graduation. Liam and my mum bought me a cute Pandora graduation charm. (The bag fell in the picture, I didn’t throw it like it looks.)

 Another night out in Glasgow. At the o2 ABC

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Photo Diary (Fashion, Life and Food)


  With my best friend Megan before we went out

Cute date night

Lunch with my brother, Liam, at Delivino

  …And then I went out for dinner the same night

I decided to treat myself to some Kurt Geiger goodies

  Street art in Edinburgh

  Before the club. Me, Megan, and Elisabeth

After the club💃🏻 I got my face painted glow in the dark to match my skirt🌸🌺

  Afternoon tea the next morning, curing hangovers with Prosecco

  The result of taking a selfie when walking down a spiral staircase

 I went shopping for things for my new flat in Glasgow… So excited!

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Beautyfoolyou in pictures (Photo Diary)

Super busy with two jobs and full time college, but I still find time to party… Getting ready for Rachael’s 21st With Annabel at Rachael’s party  

Reunited with my best friend in Edinburgh 

 Cocktail masterclass (tequila night) with Megan and Sarah 

Reading George Orwell’s 1984 

Outfit of the day (also posted on my Instagram

 Another outfit of the day (Instagram)

Outfit of the Day (Photo Diary)

I went shopping on Friday and bought a white bralet and high waisted jeans

Here’s me wearing it to the pub with a cardigan from H&M and Chelsea boots from on Friday night